Marsha Kirschbaum Photography

Oakland, California - Fine Art Landscape Photographer

About me – I’m a San Francisco Bay Area fine art landscape photographer. The natural world and its connection to the universe at large fills me with wonder, surprise and gratitude. We have been given the gift of this amazing planet and through my photographs, I hope to share its beauty, inspire a hike or entice a relaxing moment gazing skyward at the stars.

About My Night Photography -The mystery and magic of night photography is especially powerful for me. I would like to awaken the viewer through my night photography to its visual possibilities, the excitement and wonder of a meteor shower, the joy of the sparkling stars reflecting in a mountain lake or the quiet serenity and peace the night’s dark silence can bring.

Purchasing Prints If you want a collectible, signed and authenticated Fine Art Print, please e-mail me through the "Contact Me" link above. Or if you have any questions with regard to a particular image or my photography in general, I would love to hear from you. Thank you for looking.

180 Degrees of Milky Way -- San Miguel, California
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